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House MD Fanmixes

House M.D. Fanmixes
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All Members , Moderated
house_fanmix is a community to post your fanmixes relating to House MD.

1. Play nice!
2. Friends lock all entries. Otherwise, they will be deleted.
3. Feel free to post songs/lyrics/anything musical that reminds you of House (it would be nice to post links to where the songs are too, so that it's easy for other members to listen to it).
4. If you're posting a song, please specify what type of file it is, and where you have it uploaded to.
5. There is no number five. There may be in the future, but I can't think of it now.

Let it be known that house_fanmix does not encourage the sharing of copyrighted files. Should members participate and share copyrighted files, we are not responsible for their actions. They are!

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- rftardis