self; fish swam out of the ocean

[mix] rabbit-hearted girl - cameron

| rabbit-hearted girl |
a mix about allison cameron.

a/n: a mix about allison cameron! i was listening to marina & the diamonds' 'obsessions' and instantly thought of her and chase, and thus this mix was born. it focuses on her vulnerabilities, her position on house's team and her dynamic toward him, her past ('my immortal') and the build and break down of her and chase's relationship.
self; fish swam out of the ocean

[mix] devil in the details - house

a/n: i heard 'disloyal order of water buffaloes' after watching house a few days ago, and the resemblance to house was so shocking that i instantly decided to start making a fanmix. and within the next couple of hours, i'd heard 'devil in the details,' which so poignantly makes me think of house's addiction and wilson's enabling, and 'headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet' which fits stacy's return to his life so perfectly (think: season 2, hunting) and it all kind of, came together.